RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT - The impact of clustering of Tau fibrils on α3-Na+/K+-ATPase and AMPA receptors

The binding of exogenous Tau aggregates to the plasma membrane of naïve neurons is not understood and is a key step in their propagation from cell to cell within the central nervous system. IMPRIND Partner CNRS documents this crucial step. In this paper published in the EMBO Journal, they demonstrated that clustering of Tau fibrils at neuron plasma membrane, including the synapses. He identifies Tau fibrils receptors at the plasma membrane and shows Tau fibrils-mediated sequestering and pathogenic redistribution of essential membrane proteins such as the AMPA receptors. These observations suggest that Tau fibrils initiate deleterious signaling cascades. A crosstalk between α-syn and Tau aggregates at the plasma membrane accounting for the presence of both aggregates in AD and PD is unveiled.

Pathogenic fibrillar Tau remodel excitatory synaptic protein composition and imbalance neuronal homeostasis

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